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Prag & Co. is a portal for shopping innerwear online for ladies. Here you can do online shopping and explore ladies undergarments. Prag does its best to provide ladies innerwear that is chic yet comfortable. 

Shop For Women’s Undergarments Online

Undergarments are worn beneath other dresses, regularly in contact with the skin. So utmost priority should be given to such an article of clothing. Widely known by a number of names like underpants, innerwear, underclothing, underwear, undergarments, lingerie, etc. Exceptionally basic in the field of sports and a necessity for daily wear. Women can explore various types of female undergarments like cotton bras, cotton camisoles and cotton underwear. 

Choose the best underwear for women

Women’s underwear sets are also available in combos so that one can have ease in buying their daily essentials. One of the best ladies undergarment brands in the market, Prag & Co. are set to provide what ladies truly deserve. Women’s underpants are now widely available in various styles, colour and prices, suitable for daily comfort. Be it summer or winter, innerwear is a one daily essential required by everyone throughout the year regardless of any season and you can find the best women’s underwear here. It is not only a topic of comfort but health and hygiene too. It can affect many things such as one’s self-confidence and dignity. Not only bought for oneself but for gifting purposes also, such an article of clothing can affect many things in one’s life. 

Types of Women Lingerie 

To shop for ladies undergarments, there are various styles available. 

1. Bras are of many types suitable as per one’s need. According to one’s size and cups, there are many fancy styles such as underwire, wire-free, full cups, demi cups, push ups, t-shirt, seamless, strapless, tube, sports bra, plunge neck, padded bra, etc. Nowadays bras for full figured ladies that are in plus size are also available and bras for mothers such as nursing bras are also available. Offering us with great comfort, great back support and letting us just breathe are all the checkpoints one can hope for. With the vast availability in this women industry, there are many undergarment brands working for the same goal - to provide the ultimate comfort. Same goes for underwear as well. 

2. Panties also come in many styles, materials and shapes that are suitable according to needs like bikini, seamless, cotton, lace, hipsters, boy shorts, sports, thong, classic briefs and a whole lot more. Usually available in sets two, three, five and more these are perfect for a woman’s daily needs. 

3. Camisoles are used to wear under sheer clothes. It can also be worn as outerwear. 

Prag & Co. is the one stop destination for all your lingerie & active wear needs

Shopping online for women’s undergarments is also now easy with various offers and styles to choose from in comparison to choosing from stores offline. No more awkwardness to shop for sexy underwear or bridal undergarments for that matter because everything can now be purchased online without dealing with anyone. 

Prag & Co. not only offers a wide range of ladies inner wear online, it does cater to denims, loungewear, active wear and casual clothing as well. From leggings, jeggings and t-shirts to daily essentials and comfortable loungewear track pants & Super pants, Prag has everything you need for a daily comfortable yet stylish experience.